FAQ for Employers

At Symbiotic are very willing to help you with all your virtual staffing needs. Below are several questions thrown our way, along with our answers. We highly recommend that you thoroughly go through each question and answer to give you a better understanding of the services we provide and why it is very beneficial for you to work with us. If you still have queries after reading this article, or if you have other concerns regarding our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated staff will come back to you immediately.

How can Symbiotic help my business?

We here at Symbiotic understand the importance of having the right people in any business team. Having the most qualified personnel to fill positions in an organization is as important as achieving your corporate goals. We have a vast database of talented people whose experience includes working for international companies and organizations. All of them have the absolute potential of becoming a valuable asset to your business.

With Symbiotic, we help you speed the hiring process of your virtual contractors faster by providing you with the most qualified individuals who we know can meet your needs. We will do the background check, the interviews, validating references, and even go as far as authenticating certifications. These are time-consuming processes and time is a luxury you cannot afford to waste.

When we present potential candidates to fill the vacancies in your organizations, we parade the best from the crop. What we offer are people narrowed down from a wide selection of top quality candidates who can bring your business to higher heights.

How long does the whole process take?

If you are looking for a virtual assistant who can provide top notch office support, the process from start to finish could take 1 to 2 weeks. Sometimes, the period can be shortened due to our vast pool of highly skilled VAs.

However, if you are looking for a contractor with a specific specialization, such as a website designer, web content writer, and programmer to name a few, the process may take longer than usual. That hinges on several factors, such as your company's specifications and requirements as well as the number of available talents we have in our pool who can match your needs. But if waiting a tad longer means you getting the best person for the job, then we can say it is worth the wait.

Does Symbiotic provide training for their VAs?

The short answer is NO. That being said, we are very confident that our pool of online workers have gained the necessary knowledge and expertise they need to match your qualifications and meet your requirements. That is a guarantee we risk our reputation on.

Still, we believe it is a best practice of every organization to help new members settle in their work system by providing an initial training period during which the new employees will have the time to soak up their roles and acquaint themselves with the management's policies and approaches.

Once they get the gist of their responsibilities and the roles they play, you can be sure they will start to perform well and meet expectations.

What is the usual salary rates for VAs and common methods used in paying them?

There are many factors the influence a VA's salary rates, including experience, qualifications, and other requirements posed by your organization. VAs working part time typically ask for $150-$300 a month. Those who are working full time are given rates between $350 and above

VAs with high level of knowledge in the industry they cater to as well as extensive skills and experience may demand more compared to others. While they may quite be pricey, they are very much worth the money, especially if they deliver the goods and even exceed expectations.

Here in the Philippines, PayPal remains to be the payment option of choice for many VAs as well as other freelancers and home-based workers. Xoom, Payoneer, and Western Union also serve as alternatives to PayPal.

It is important to point out that Symbiotic will not help in paying VAs for any clients' behalf. The VAs you pick will become a direct contractor for you, not for Symbiotic. Details such as salary rate, payment method, and schedule are matters to be discussed between you and your chosen VA.

I keep hearing about the "13th Month Pay". What is it?

In the Philippines, all employers are required to provide a pro-rata figure to their employees in December. This amount is commonly referred to as the 13th Month Pay. It should be clarified that this mandate by the Philippine Government only applies to businesses registered in the Philippines and does not include business entities located overseas.

That said, every Filipino worker looks forward to his or her 13th Month pay, regardless of the company he or she is working for. While you may not be required by law, providing 13th month pay can have positive effects, including but not limited to better performance and significantly lengthened long-term professional partnerships.

Do you offer protection over intellectual property rights and sensitive business information?

Unfortunately, we do not. However, we believe that every organization has in place policies and systems that will help protect vital information from outsiders. In every work arrangement, it is imperative that you only trust employees that have proven themselves reliable, trustworthy, and consistent with the company's policies. The same can be done with virtual assistants. You just don't assign them with tasks that involve passwords and sensitive data. As common sense dictates, you have to build a relationship of trust first before you can actually place your faith in them.

If for instance you still have questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address your concerns. Our Customer Service Team will immediately reach you out and be more than willing to make clarifications for you.

Do I have to pay taxes for employees in Philippines?

Actually in the US paying outsourced workers for these purposes is considered a business expense, not pay roll. We're not accountants so you should actually check with your accountant to be sure.

How do I track progress of my project?

You will be able to see the tasks and notes checked off as well as any notes within the platform, just log in and select your project to view its progress, notes and output.

How do I send payments?

There are many ways to send payments to us. You can send payments through money transfers Paypal, Western Union, and Xoom or bank-to-bank transactions. Most prefer paypal.

What if I Want to Hire a Team?

If you want to hire a team, tell us what does an ideal team look like to you - how many members does it have, what are the set of skills that each team member must have, so that we can pull a qualified team based on these factors for you.

What if I can't manage my Team?

We understand that you are busy with the other hustles and bustles of life. If you don't have time to manage your team, we can do it for you. We have managers who are experienced and trained in dealing with people positively and ensuring productivity in the workplace.

How do I Outsource in the Philippines?

Outsourcing for employees in the Philippines can be done through us. We have a large workforce that is ready to get started with whatever service you need. Just tell us what you need and send it to hi@bitsytask.com or give us a ring at (714) 794-8631. We will then connect you to the right worker based on your needs.

How do you Qualify your Workforce?

We qualify our workforce through a series of screening tests. The process starts with an initial interview to be conducted by the HR Director to assess the personality of the candidate. This is then followed by a hands-on Talent Assessment Test, which will be conducted by the Department Head. Finally, the Department Head will conduct an interview to further assess the personality and skills of the candidate. If the candidate passes the series of tests, that's when s/he will become part of our workforce and go through monthly evaluations, trainings and seminars to hone his/her talent & skills and reach full potential.

Who are your Workers?

Our workforce is composed of Filipino professionals and experts who are specializing in web development & programming, graphic design, virtual admin support, search engine optimization, writing, blogging, and more.

Do I have to pay taxes for employees in Philippines?

Actually in the US paying outsourced workers for these purposes is considered a business expense, not pay roll. We're not accountants so you should actually check with your accountant to be sure.

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