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The Solution to Your Staffing Problems

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It is a fact that mounting backlogs in back-office work can be such a headache for a company, big or small.  However, not all have enough manpower to tackle this problem and it very much affects efficiency and productivity. This is especially true with small and medium enterprises. Employees or employers veer away from more important business processes just to attend to bookkeeping, marketing, and other back-office nuances. Increasing manpower is not always an option as some lack the resources to do so. Now, there is an avenue that can be explored that not only results in increased output but in cutting costs as well.  There is no need to hire a regular employee, set up a new office space, pay for insurance, etc.  This can be made possible by hiring a virtual assistant or VA.

Philippines is the top outsourcing destination these days.

Philippines is the top outsourcing destination these days.

Outsourcing and It’s Benefits

Many companies have been outsourcing certain aspects of their operation to save on money, boost quality, and improve overall efficiency.  What type of businesses can take advantage of this proposed alternative?  Basically, any company can as a virtual assistant is a general term that pertains to a third party contractor who can provide administrative, technical, or creative support to a client.  As the word virtual implies, communication and data delivery are usually done through the internet.  This addresses issues in office space and cuts overhead costs considerably.  Another feature that can be proven advantageous to clients is that a virtual assistant, being an independent contractor, is not a member of a company’s regular workforce.  The implication is that the client does not pay for employee related taxes and the provision of benefits is not compulsory but is under the prerogative of the company.

Working with Your Virtual Assistant

The terms of payment is dependent on the terms agreed upon by the client and the Virtual Assistant.  Wages can be fixed on a monthly a monthly basis or rooted on production.  Say for example, a paralegal hired at a certain amount per month while a medical transcriptionist, on a per line basis.  Wages and salaries do differ from one country to another.  Outsourcing jobs to locations that offers lower labor cost is one avenue that can be explored by companies.  The quality of work is not compromised so long as stringent measures are taken in hiring a VA.  Though some VAs receive fixed monthly wages, clients can set a timeline on what and when tasked should be completed.


As a caveat, opting getting assistance from a VA does entail certain investments.  The bulk of this investment is in software programs, which varies from one industry to another.  There are programs that the client should afford to the VA.  Should a company be concerned about production, a time tracking software can be used to check if a VA is indeed working on the agreed number of hours.

Because hiring the right person is very critical in meeting a company’s goals, specific requirements ought to be given at the onset.  Ads can be placed on the paper or better yet, on the web.   It is imperative for hiring managers to do general background checks on short listed candidates and ask for referrals.  Most importantly, clients and VAs should meet eye to eye regarding goals, tasks, wages, and hours.

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