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Skill Sets To Include On Your Super Virtual Assistant Checklist

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Staying up on the latest trends on technology is a very crucial factor for you if you have been capitalizing on the web to keep your business on track and at the same time reap some good profit. As you may have observed, the internet world has been busy coming up with updates lately – search engines, social media, internet tools, etc. while on the other end, businesses have also been busy keeping up with the drastic changes. If you are a solo in running your online business, no matter how internet savvy you are, you really can’t do everything by yourself. So chances are you seek to outsource some of the workload to a “Super Virtual Assistant”.

There are already a few of articles that you may have come across out there about the things to look for a VA, but that was then. This is now:

This Virtual Assistant thing has been really all about hiring someone who will do the internet side of business such as administrative tasks, data entry, email marketing, lead generation or simply managing online marketing campaigns. Therefore, you would really need to look for “Super” qualities in choosing your own Virtual Assistant which can all be summarized into two words: “Technology Savvy” – because after all, we rely on technology to keep businesses running.

So here are the top Virtual Assistant skills set to include on your Super VA checklist:

1. Excellent Oral and Written English Communication Skills

Self-explanatory – this should always be on top of the list.

2. Internet Savvy

Okay, so there are a lot people who claim that they are internet savvy but it turns out, they really don’t. Using the internet occasionally, having a Facebook account and using emails don’t mean that one is already an internet savvy. It’s not limited to searching on Google or sending and receiving emails. To be called an Internet Savvy, one must have an advance Internet skills which includes file sharing and synchronization (Google docs and dropbox), updating applications, using online calendars, email auto-responders and other internet services.

3. Social Media Savvy

We all know that Social Media has become a necessity for businesses and it would be very beneficial if your Virtual Assistant is Social Media Savvy. Having Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ profiles is not enough to make one a Social Media Savvy. Although the main task that your Virtual Assistant will most likely perform is managing your social media (posting updates on Facebook, posting tweets on Twitter, etc.), it is also very important if they have some social media monitoring and benchmarking skills – knowledge in using tools like Google Alerts, Hootsuite, Socialoomph, Klout, and other tools necessary for your social media marketing efforts.

4. Multimedia Savvy

Having basic skills in multimedia tools would also be great plus for a Virtual Assistant. Basic Photoshop skills would not be bad for cropping photos and some basic enhancements. A basic audio editing skill is also good for your podcasts (to those who do podcasting). A basic video editing skill on either Windows Movie Maker or iMovie is also pretty nice for editing your videos before uploading it to your Youtube account.

5. Office Productivity Tools Savvy

The last but not the least, is of course mastery in using office productivity tools like Microsoft Word/Open Office (for word processing), Microsoft Excel/Open Office (for spreadsheets), Powerpoint (for presentations) and other useful tools for administrative tasks. These are very basic tools yet they are very essential for any business.

So there you have it, 5 of the top skill sets to look for in hiring a Super Virtual Assistant. Once you’ve found the right VA, you should start building a productive relationship with him/her and you can start that through knowing your Filipino VA.

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