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The Solution to Your Staffing Problems

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It is a fact that mounting backlogs in back-office work can be such a headache for a company, big or small.  However, not all have enough manpower to tackle this problem and it very much affects efficiency and productivity. This is especially true with small and medium enterprises. Employees or employers veer away from more […]
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5 Reasons You Should Outsource to the Philippines

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Outsourcing is the process of contracting services or goods from a local or international third-party organization. This type of contracting has been popular in the US since the ‘80s. Sometimes, it includes transferring assets to another company and even relocating the business to another location. By outsourcing, two companies will enter into an agreement of […]
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Nations That Send Outsource Work To The Philippines

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Back in 2005, when the Philippines was then a potential big player in the outsourcing landscape, the business processing and outsourcing (BPO) industry was still manned by more or less 100,000 Filipino professionals. The huge portion of the industry was composed of call centers, with the majority of its operations being done in the evening […]
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The Philippines Web Developer Boom

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The introduction of the Internet has certainly brought along so many changes that now seem permanent fixtures on the way people live. Almost everyone in the planet logs on to the World Wide Web to check their emails, read the news and the latest gossip, buy and sell stuff, and just simply spend the time […]

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