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5 Social Media Trends That Will be Hot as Pancakes in 2014

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Social media has been an effective marketing channel for many brands, products and personalities. But, it is a fact that many social media marketers have also encountered challenges, from the Twitter API changes to Facebook outage in October 21, that have hurt everyone’s campaign this year. Despite that, many experts have predicted that social media marketing will continue to boost in 2014 and advised many marketers to prepare for some new trends. Want to know what are these? Here are five social media trends that will be as hot as pancakes in 2014:

“Bye Facebook”, says Twitter

Frederic Gonzalo, Social Media Marketing Consultant, said Twitter will likely beat Facebook next year. Facebook will be there to stay. But with all the changes that’s been happening, marketers have found it very hard to master the platform and use it for their marketing campaigns. So, they will move to Twitter  in 2014. Also, many Facebook users have grown tired of Facebook.

According to the research conducted by Pew Internet and American Life Project earlier this year, teens in particular, have moved to Twitter from Facebook. Many of these teens said that there is less drama on Twitter and it’s more private. Furthermore, Twitter will grow bigger next year, as it starts to become a public company. With that, Twitter can have more users and more leads, which can convert to sales.

Google + Will Be in the Limelight

Google +, Google Enterprise’s social media network, is expected to gain its spot in the limelight next year. According to Gupta, it will be hard for social media marketers to ignore Google Plus’ power as it continues to gain more users. The major reason why the Google Plus will have more users is YouTube. Earlier in November, the video streaming giant has mandated the use of Google Plus in commenting on YouTube. But it is great to note that before this mandatory happened on YouTube, Google Plus’ CEO, Larry Page, have already announced that in October, their active monthly users have grown to more than 300 million. Many experts said this could be because the social media site is very visual and people love image-centric networks.

Get Ready for More Video Content

Next year, expect to see more video content. In the Social Media Marketing Expo event held in San Diego in April, videos, particularly short ones, were identified to become hot in 2014. This makes sense as more social networking sites that like Vine are getting bigger with its 6-second video features. Furthermore, many marketing consultants, such as Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and the co-author of the best-selling book , Content Rules, are saying smaller and shorter content will bring bigger impact next year.

B2B Marketers Will Embrace LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the social network site for professionals, is also expected to increase the growth of Business-to-Business marketing. With 238 million users, social media marketing experts believe that the site will be hot in 2014 and will be a major factor for the growth of B2B businesses. With the recent launch of the Influencers program, B2B marketers will embrace LinkedIn next year. Also, more and more people will be going to LinkedIn to look for content that comes from authorities in the business themselves.

Image-Centric Sites Will Be More Successful

Image-centric social networking sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr will continue to grow in 2014 as visual content marketing will also become bigger. This will become more helpful to Business-to-customer marketers. Pinterest, for example, has an average click-through rate of 1.1 percent per pin and a monthly reach that is 2.5 higher than Facebook, Pinterest will show a lot of potential in 2014 as well as other image-centric sites.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing in 2014 will focus more on shorter content. Marketing through long videos and blog posts will not be as effective as it used to be. Next year, users would want to see more short and sweet posts, videos and images that will catch their attention in just a few seconds. With that being said, I suggest we should start learning, if not improving our skills, on how to create shorter content that will attract and compel our audience to interact or buy in just a few seconds.

Do you have other social media trends that you think we should look forward to in 2014? I would love to read from you in the comments!

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