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10 Ecommerce Marketing Ideas To Boost Sales This Christmas

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Christmas is not just the season to be jolly, but also to be sellin’. For the Ecommerce industry, Christmas is their peak season. If you have an Eommerce website, it’s not yet too late to do some quick and minor tweaks to take advantage of the “Christmas shopping fever “ and boost your sales. Here are 10 Marketing ideas you can apply to keep customers coming this Yuletide season :

  1. Offer Gift Cards/Coupons: These days, it seems that more people would love to receive gift cards and coupons instead of other items. Who wouldn’t right? With gift cards or coupons, you can select whatever you want.  According to the Retail Gift Card Association, 91.4% would give gift cards this Christmas. So, offer gift cards, coupons or gift certificates now.

  1. Offer Free or Discounted Gift Wrapping: Offering free or discounted gift wrapping is a great idea to attract more customers to buy from your ecommerce website. Many people, especially men, do not like gift wrapping. So, these customers would appreciate if you could offer wrap their gifts for them.

  1. Provide Overnight Shipping: Because of the busy schedules, many people do late Christmas shopping. In UK last year, 12.75m men only started buying Christmas presents by December 17. You can cater to these late Christmas shoppers by providing overnight shipping. But, make sure that your shipping company can ship overnight and ask them if they can give you a discounted rate. If they can, you can also offer a discounted shipping rate to your customers.

  1. Pay it Forward: Do a charity work. For example, you will give $1 to $5 to your favorite charity when customers buy your products. People love “pay it forward” stories as these stories make them feel fuzzy and warm. You can get trust and loyalty through this. But of course do this because you really want to help, not because you just want to get money from the customers.

  1. Host Some Holiday Contests: Hosting a holiday contest can drive more traffic to your website. Some contest ideas would be a holiday photo contest on Instagram where the joiners will have to put your brand’s name as hashtags to their picture.

  1. Give Freebies: Giving freebies is also a good idea to get more customers and retain the old ones.

  1. Revamp your PPC: If you’re running a PPC campaign for your Ecommerce, it’s time to revamp it now and change your sales pitch. Add the words gifts, Christmas or holidays to your headlines to get more traffic.

  1. Holiday-themed Landing Page: Edit your content and make it appropriate to the season. If you haven’t changed the theme of your landing page, you should do that too. You can also write blogs about how your customers can choose the right gifts for their loved one or gift shopping and wrapping tips.

  1. Optimize your page speed: People are usually cramming when Christmas shopping, so they want to do shopping quickly. So, make sure your website loads fast.

  1. Be ready for the Influx: Expect that there will be an influx of customers. Make sure you are prepared to answer calls and emails from potential customers. Keep an eye on your social media sites, because you might be receiving inquiries there too.

Start tweaking your Ecommerce site and applying these ideas now to enjoy more sales this Christmas. And after this season, prepare for some new trends in social media marketing in 2014 that you can find here.

Do you have other ideas that will help in boosting sales this holiday season? Share it with us in the comments below! Better yet, tweet or share this article to help your friends get more sales!


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